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YAMAHA GP 1200R PV 3 piston kit waverunner 3PACK OEM# 66V-11631-00-A0

  • $ 18999

This is a brand new Aftermarket Piston & ring set with piston pin and cir-clips. Price is for 3 piston & ring sets.
Pistons kits are designed to run in std. bore ,155hp yamaha 66V, 1200pv ,nikasil or sleeved cylinders

OEM# 66V-11631-00-A0

1999 Yamaha XLT Piston
2000 Yamaha GP1200R Piston
2000 Yamaha XLT Piston
2000 Yamaha XR1800 Piston
2001 Yamaha GP1200R Piston
2001 Yamaha XLT Piston
2002 Yamaha GP1200R Piston
2002 Yamaha XLT Piston
2003 Yamaha GP1200R Piston
2003 Yamaha XLT Piston
2004 Yamaha XLT Piston
2005 Yamaha XLT Piston


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