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3 5/8 Universal WHITE Cup Holder Boat RV Jumbo with Drain Hole- WALMART 6 Pack Drain Hole

  • $ 1554

3 5/8 Universal White Cup Holder
Jumbo White Cup holder.
This White cup holder is a perfect addition to your Poker, Blackjack or Pool tables, Boats, RV's, Patios, Cars, decks, trailers or tables. It is able to hold any normal sized beverage can and some cups depending on the size.
It is a drop in style drink holder, all you have to do is cut a hole into the surface you wish to mount the cup holder. Here are the measurements of the item:  
See technical drawing ( Last image) for dimensions
Bottom of Cup Diameter: 2.715 inches. 6.8961 CM
Depth of Cup: 3.15 inches. 8.001 CM
Top of Cup INSIDE Diameter: 3.515 inches. 8.9281 CM
Top of Cup OUTSIDE Diameter (Lipped Diameter): 4.25 inches. 10.795 CM

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