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Yamaha gp 760 800 1200 glove box door GP7-U517H-00-00 lid hatch (Blue)

  • $ 4495

This is an AFTERMARKET glove box door cover.  The rib around the bottom is twice as thick as the factory one because the factory one is very weak and breaks often.  This is a Red lid, however it may not be the exact color Red that is on your original lid.
Please note that you are getting an AFTERMARKET glove box lid.
Glove Box Door Lid Part Numbers:
GP7-U517H-00-00   (Yellow)
GP7-U517H-00-P0   (Yellow)
GP7-U517H-09-P0   (Yellow)
GP7-U517H-10-00   (Red)
GP7-U517H-10-P0   (Red)
GP7-U517H-20-P1   (Blue)
GP7-U517H-20-P0   (Blue)
GP7-U517H-29-P0   (Blue)
GP7-U517H-30-P0   (Dark Red)
GP7-U517H-39-P0   (Dark Red)
GP7-U517H-20-P3   (Light Green)
GP7-U517H-40-P0   (Light Green)
Fits the following models:
1997 GP 1200
1997 Wave Runner 760
1998 GP 1200
1998 Wave Runner 760
1998 GP 800
1999 GP 1200
1999 GP 760
1999 GP 800
2000 GP 760
2000 GP 800

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